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rodent in summer

In the midst of the warmer months of the year there is not much concern of pests that typically invade during the winter. After all, there is a lot of time to be spent on the lake, gardening and other fun-filled summer activities to pursue. But did you know that even when the weather is warm outside, rodents may still be trying to get into your home? Although typically more of an issue in the winter when they need a warm place to reside, mice and rats are still in search of food during the summer which means they can still invade your home. When it comes to rodent infestations there are many concerns that should be considered even when the sun is shining and the warm weather abounds.

  • Gnawing on furniture, structures of the home, personal belonging, food packaging
  • Leave urine and droppings which leads to contamination
  • Can transmit diseases through droppings and biting
  • Cause fire hazards from chewing on electrical wiring
  • Can introduce other pests into the home such as fleas and mites
Clearly, rodents do not make good house guests regardless of the season and if you have been distracted by the long summer days (which let’s face it, we all have), it is possible that mice and/or rats may find their way into your Midwest home. Thankfully for homeowners, there are rodent prevention techniques as well as professional pest control services that are designed to keep mice and rats from breaking and entering no matter what time of the year. Click here to refer to our previous blog and learn some ways to prevent rodent infestations. For residents who are living in the Midwest including Minneapolis, Lincoln, Moline, and throughout our large service area, Plunkett’s Pest Control is prepared to help protect your home from mice and other rodents. With our trusted home pest control services you can set your worries aside and rest assured our experienced team will get rid of rodents and many other common household pests. To learn more or to schedule your pest control service, please give us a shout today!

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