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spiders in cabin

As we get closer to the spring season, it is time to consider opening up your summer homes, cabins and camps. If you have a shady place to cool off by the water during the warmer months than you may be familiar with pests such as spiders when it is time to open things up in the spring. Spiders are one of the pests that are commonly found in cabins near lakes, streams, and ponds. In order to avoid these creepy crawlies from getting into your cabin and causing you anxiety, there are a few prevention tips to keep spiders away from the pest control professionals at Plunkett’s.

  • In the warmer months, spiders don’t generally seek ways to get inside unless there is easy access. This means that keeping doors and windows open with no screen is not a good idea if you want to remain pest free. As you are opening things up this spring make sure that all of the windows and doors have secure screens so that you will be able to enjoy the fresh air, minus the spiders.
  • Cut back shrubs and bushes that are close to the cabin. Because spiders generally create their webs in such places, if the bushes are touching your house then spiders might move to the eaves, shutters, and window panes to create their webs.
  • If spiders get inside they will likely find a cluttered place to hide like a stack of newspapers or even clothing. So in order to avoid the surprise of a spider when you go to move your pile of newspapers, keep clutter to a minimum especially if you are not staying in your cabin full time.
Once your cabin is open for the season, keep these spider prevention tips in mind. Although most spiders are only considered a nuisance pest, they leave behind unsightly webs that many people do not want to deal with. Especially if your home is on the water, you are already at a much higher risk for having spiders on your property so you will need to be extra cautious to avoid these critters from causing a scare at your next cookout. For anyone living in Minneapolis, Lincoln, the Quad Cities and throughout Plunkett’s large service area, contact Plunkett’s Pest Control to learn more about spiders, their prevention, and eradication. Our home pest control services are designed to eliminate all house hold pests for good, including the eight legged ones.


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