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bed bug on skin

Did you know that bed bugs struggle to feed on hairy humans? Not the most pleasant conversation, however, research has shown that hairy humans are less likely to receive bed bug bites than those with less hair or no hair. There are a few factors to consider here. It’s not necessarily a case of men vs. women or thick hair vs. fine hair. If there is hair covering the skin, bed bugs are going to keep searching for a place to feed without the hair interference. So for all of you hairy folk in Minnesota, this could be good news for you. The study was lead by Professor Michael Siva-Jothy, who had 29 volunteers test out hair vs. no hair when it came to bed bugs. There were varied volunteers with thick hair, fine hair, even almost invisible hair. Each volunteer shaved one arm and left the other with hair and then they were brave enough to let the bed bugs bite, or at least try to. The results showed that bed bugs had a much harder time getting to the skin with hair. Also, because the bugs had to crawl around more to find a better feed spot, the volunteers were able to detect them easier. Hair not only makes it more difficult for the bed bugs to bite, but our hair has nerve endings which allow us to detect movement and the presence of such things as bugs. What does this mean for you? Well, certainly it’s not a good idea to conduct your own home experiments, but you can better understand why some people may be more susceptible to bites. And this study also helps us to understand not just bed bugs, but other parasites and insects that we come into contact with. Perhaps you always find mosquito bites on your ankles and wrists; this is because that skin is much easier for them to pierce. So embrace the hair, and know that you are better protected from bites because of it. For anyone in Fridley, Minneapolis and throughout Minnesota who is looking for more information on bed bugs, contact our knowledgeable bed bug staff at Plunkett’s Pest Control. And check out our recent blog, Don’t Let the Bed Bugs Bite in Minneapolis Dorms for more information on how to inspect for and prevent bed bug infestations.

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