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bed bug heat treatment
Bed bugs are a problem all over the US, not just in our service area. As bed bugs have spread throughout the country, people in every state have been looking at ways to get rid of these blood sucking insects in the cheapest ways possible. Many people look to do it yourself (DIY) pesticides, and although you can find them readily on the internet, that doesn’t mean they are effective. In fact, DIY bed bug control can be more harmful than good. At Plunkett’s, we know the very best solution to bed bug problems is bed bug heat treatments. This is just the simplest, most effective and least dangerous way to get rid of these blood sucking creepy crawlies for good. Here are some reasons why DIY bed bug control is a truly bad idea:
  1. People think that getting rid of bed bugs on their own is the least expensive option. While this may be true initially, trying to get rid of a bed bug infestation without the assistance of a professional can prove hazardous to you, your family and your pets. It can also be quite ineffective, which causes you to apply treatment after treatment, which can really rack up an expensive price tag.
  2. When people attempt to treat bed bugs on their own, they only treat the pests that they can see. Unfortunately, bed bugs are known for hiding easily, so there are probably many more of these pests lurking behind electrical outlets, inside box springs and in the back of your bed side table.
  3. If all bed bugs aren’t killed with the first try, they will breed quickly and before you know it, you have another full-blown infestation to deal with.
  4. There are plenty of cases in the news about people being hurt (or even killed!) by the pesticides they used themselves to get rid of bed bugs in their homes and businesses. They have doused their bodies and their hair as well as their belongings with chemicals out of desperation to kill bed bugs. This is not only dangerous, it’s not effective, especially now that bed bugs seem to have built a resistance to some pesticides.
At Plunkett’s, we understand how stressful a bed bug problem can be, and that is why we have enlisted the use of heat treatments to get rid of these pests in homes and businesses throughout Minnesota, Nebraska, Illinois, Iowa and Michigan. We like using heat to treat bed bug infestations because:
  1. It is very effective on the first treatment; it kills both adult bed bugs and their eggs, which is the secret to 100% effectiveness.
  2. Bed bug heat treatments are non-toxic, which keeps your family, pets, employees and customers safe.
  3. It is quite versatile: it can be used for small isolated infestations or fully infested structures.
  4. Very little preparation has to be done to a home or business before a heat treatment is started. Although it is necessary to remove some items that may melt easily and you must remain outside of the treatment area while our electric heaters are on, things will be back to normal in practically no time at all.
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