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I’m pregnant and need pest control in my home; is it safe for my baby?

Are you or is someone you know asking this question? A common concern among expecting mothers is whether or not pest control services are going to harm them or the baby. Many wonder if they should cancel their routine pest control service or try store bought remedies with the idea that fewer chemicals will be a safer alternative. In order to ease the mind of many worried moms, the experts in pest control at Plunkett’s would like to offer those in Alexandria, Minneapolis, and throughout the Midwest some advice for expecting mothers in regards to their pest control questions. Pest control services are safe during pregnancy It is always advised to contact your pest control company ahead of time, before a scheduled service, to give them the heads up that you are pregnant. There are many Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques that are completely chemical free and with a little extra preparation, your pest control company can address any concerns you have and make sure to treat your home with great care. Even when chemicals do need to be used, there are many solutions including leaving your home for a period of time and opening windows that will ensure you and baby will not be harmed. Do not attempt any store bought remedies during a pregnancy as these chemicals are generally more harmful to you than they are to the pests you are trying to kill. Pest infestations are more dangerous Consider the harmful effects of some home pest infestations, let’s take cockroaches for example. Cockroaches spend time digging through and feeding on trash, they collect the germs on the spines of their legs, and then track these things through your home. Since kitchens are a favorite spot for cockroaches, your food surfaces could be contaminated which in turn could leave you feeling ill. Also, cockroaches are known to cause allergies and asthma, especially in children. The risk of pest control services to prevent infestations is far less than the risks of having a home pest infestation. Professional pest control is safe during pregnancy. And not only is it safe, it’s going to save you from a lot of stress and even serious health concerns. It only takes a phone call to advise your pest control company of a pregnancy and you will be on your way to safe, effective pest control services so you do not have to worry about any critters or bugs. Contact Plunkett’s Pest Control today to learn more about how our home pest control services, including IPM tecniques, could benefit you and your family. With a large service area including Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, as well as parts of Nebraska, Michigan and the Dakotas, see how the pest control professionals at Plunkett’s can safely protect your home from pests throughout your pregnancy.

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