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bed bug control

So often college kids are given advice on what they should do so here at Plunkett’s Pest Control we are bucking that trend and want to offer up a few pearls of wisdom regarding bed bugs and what you should NOT do. The new school year is quickly approaching and it won’t be long before students wipe the tears out of their eyes, kiss the parents goodbye (yes, that is sarcasm) and head back to campus to hit the books. Unfortunately, students may not be the only ones inundating colleges this time of year. Bed bugs are also likely to show up and once present, these tiny, blood sucking creatures can easily make their way into dorm rooms and spread very quickly. So whether or not you want them, bed bugs could be a problem that you have to deal with this semester. The most common signs of a bed bug infestation are as follows:

  • blood spots on bedding from them feeding on your blood
  • fecal spots left behind from feeding on blood
  • light brown colored skins that are shed as they grow
  • live, or dead bugs themselves which are about the size of an apple seed as adults
The important thing to keep in mind is that bed bugs cannot harm you, although they can leave itchy, red welts from biting. But if you do happen to notice that your dorm room is infested by bites on your skin or the signs listed above, you will not be in any danger of contracting diseases or other harmful pathogens that many other pests do carry. With that said, here is a list of what NOT to do if you have found bed bugs in your dorm room:
  • Do not vacuum up the bed bugs and call it good.
  • Do not kill the bugs you see and leave the problem unreported.
  • Do not let the problem go for days, weeks, or months without telling school authorities.
  • Do not leave your room cluttered with clothing, towels, and belongings on the floor as this will make it harder to identify a bed bug infestation.
At the first sign of bed bugs, contact your RA or other school authorities so that the problem can be treated right away before the bed bugs migrate to other rooms. And keep in mind that just because you are bed bug free today does not mean that will be the case a few weeks down the line. Regular room inspections are necessary to maintain a bed bug free dorm! To learn more about bed bugs in the Midwest including cities throughout Minnesota, Nebraska, Wisconsin, Indiana, the Dakota’s and the Quad Cities, please contact the experts in bed bug control at Plunkett’s Pest Control. Serving homes and business for over 97 years, you can trust that Plunkett’s will safely and effectively resolve your pest control problems.

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